XRT Power Systems Announces Hydraulic Tool Power

XRT Power Systems has your solution for hydraulic tool power for the increasingly popular 
F-550 diesel 4×4 fire rescue trucks. The XRT Matrix System® can be installed without any chassis or drivetrain modifications, saving you installation time, money and space. Their PTO powered hydraulic pump can produce ample power to run 2 hydraulic rescue tools at the same time running from 100′ reels. 

This system has even been tested at lengths up to 200′.  You also have the ability to power a 5.5kW SmartPower® hydraulic generator. This is especially unique as no other system can provide generator power AND rescue tool power all at the same time without any truck modifications. 

“On these smaller trucks, space and weight are two very important considerations, and we offer you the best solution for both,” Fred Knowles, VP of XRT Power Systems says. 

Find out more today by visiting their website at www.XRTpowersystems.com or by calling 781-639-7125

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