Zico Debuts Adjustable Chainsaw Mount

YARDLEY, PA—Zico is debuting the QUIC-MOUNT Adjustable Chainsaw Mount, Model QM-ACSM-1.

The Adjustable Chainsaw Mount accommodates virtually any gas-powered saw, including circular, giving you a custom fit without the custom cost. Simply slide the base tray in for thinner saws or pull it out for wider ones—it’s as simple as that.

Made with heavy-duty aluminum, the wide nylon strap is easy to release with or without gloves. An absorbent, replaceable pad collects loose fluids, keeping compartments clean.

Zico’s Model QM-ACSM-1 is great when mounting a new saw or just re-arranging your current lineup, allowing you to save money over time by simply re-adjusting instead of buying all new each time.

The Model QM-ACSM-1 is available now. 

For more information, visit www.ziamatic.com.

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