Zico Announces Winners of FDIC Z-Shlammer Giveaway

YARDLEY, PA—Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) have announced three winners of its 2017 FDIC Z-Shlammer Giveaway. The three winners were chosen at random from nearly 2,000 entrants in a drawing following the show. Those three winners are: Deputy Chief Michael Haring, of Key Biscayne, Florida; Firefighter Leroy Armstrong of Columbus, Indiana; and Firefighter/Paramedic Jacob See of Alexandria, Kentucky. Each chose to receive a Z-Shlammer with a black head and black handle.

The Z-Shlammer is a six-pound hammer with a built-in steel pry/hook and hydrant wrench, all on a 1,200-pound-rated, 32-inch fiberglass handle with 3¾ inches of built-in over-swing protection. It is suitable for forcible entry, ventilation, salvage and overhaul, and even construction/demolition/home renovation projects.

A special “V-groove” allows for easy marriage to a halligan tool for storage and transport with no need for additional straps.

For more information www.ziamatic.com.

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