Building Construction

As you will note from the announcement on the following page, the editors of Fire Engineering recently won a prestigious national business trade press award for outstanding journalism for our December 1993 issue, "The World Trade Center Bombing: Report and Analysis" ("Best Feature Series of Articles," December 1993 to November 1994, from the American Business Press). Naturally, we are very proud; the recognition is one of the high points of our careers as editors.

“The chief told us to ‘take up,’” the captain says to the firefighters, “but before we go, let’s secure the building. There are a couple of broken windows that have to be cleared of glass shards, the roof scuttle cover we vented must be put back, and we have to raise and reset the fire escape drop ladder.”
Building Construction

In the largest loss of life fire since the Cocoanut Grove 35 years ago, 162 persons lost their lives when fire swept through the huge Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Ky., last May 28. In addition, more than 100 persons, including several fire fighters, suffered smoke inhalation and burns.
Fire Prevention & Protection

Many municipalities require the installation of smoke detectors in new homes and apartments, but Farmers Branch, Texas, a Dallas suburb, has passed a smoke detector ordinance that is retroactive under certain circumstances. It requires the installation of smoke detectors not only in all new residential occupancies, but also in existing homes upon a chance of occupancy or ownership, or after repairs or additions exceeding $500 in value.