As for victim drags, we must know how to do this; “just make it happen” is not a plan. We should train to be able to drag a victim 10 to 20 feet (to the front door if in a path of egress or to a window if in a tenable bedroom.)

Daniel Hunt offers suggestions on how to preplan for the removal of a victim who may be too heavy for responders to carry in a medical or other type of emergency, a situation, he says, should be anticipated since statistics show that one in three adults is obese.

The author explains how leaders can train firefighters to prepare for and face potentially traumatic events using methods that significantly reduces the chances of suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. Included are developing strengths in the firefighters that make them physically and emotionally stronger; interpersonal relations, and support and follow-up after the event.
Tools & Equipment

One of the iconic symbols of the fire service is the pickhead fire ax. Raul Angulo looks at some of the considerations for carrying this tool and some tricks of the trade to help with safety concerns.