On the night of Saturday, February 23, 1991, fire struck One Meridian Plaza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was to become one of the worst highrise fires in history. Three firefighters died and 24 were injured. Nine floors of the 38-story office building were completely destroyed, causing millions of dollars in damage.
Building Construction

In the largest loss of life fire since the Cocoanut Grove 35 years ago, 162 persons lost their lives when fire swept through the huge Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Ky., last May 28. In addition, more than 100 persons, including several fire fighters, suffered smoke inhalation and burns.
Fire Service Traditions and History

THE recent formal opening of the new central fire station in Greensboro, N. C., and the completion of a new fire alarm system discloses many improvements in the art of fighting fire in that city for the past twenty years. Years ago there was a rule in the city that each resident had to have a ladder, and in the event of fire, the ladders were rushed to the bunting building. Enough ladders were brought to block the roads, but it was soon discovered that the ladders without the water were of little use.
Apparatus & Equipment

A correspondent sends us the following from Norfolk, Va.: A. H. Spear, of Hayward and Company, New York, delivered the new double 60-gallon Babcock chemical engine on the 19th instant, when Chief Ryan subjected it to a severe test. The wind was blowing at the rate of fifty-five miles an hour, when the Ghislelin house, which is 40 by 18 feet and two stories high, was set on fire. On the lower floor were three windows and two doors, all open, and two window holes on the top floor, besides the open fireplaces and chimney, and other openings made by order of the chief.