Technical Rescue

Structures specialists are licensed structural engineers who have received additional US&R training from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA. They normally support heavy rescue teams and function as advisors when the teams are performing search and rescue inside of damaged buildings. However, the insights they provide to those teams can be useful to all firefighters regardless of in which seat or vehicle they ride.
Technical Rescue

At a partial building collapse, the integration of urban search and rescue members, local responders, medical personnel, and crane operators ensured success in retrieving victim.
Tech Zone

Al Studt talks to Walt Lewis about how the U.S. National Grid can be integrated with exiting information systems to help geolocate emergency locations in wildland trails, hydrants, FDC connections, and more.

In this new Training Minutes video, communications expert Al Studt talks to Walt Lewis about how to read a map using the U.S. National Grid, and about how such maps may be of use to incident commanders during emergency response.