Drawn by Fire: Hobby Horse Preparation

Taking the time to make yourself more efficient and effective when it comes to fireground ops can save lives. A collaboration between Paul Combs and Matthew Paglione.

Drawn by Fire: Hobby Horse Preparation

Firefighter in knight costume riding a hobby horse
Taking the time to make yourself more efficient and effective when it comes to fireground ops can save lives. A collaboration between Paul Combs and Matthew Paglione.
Douglas Cline

Professional Development: Developing the Next Generation of Fire Service Leaders

December 7, 2021 | 1 PM EST

The focus is on developing a professional development model for your organization. It is based on the planned, progressive, and lifelong process of education, training, self-development, and experience and is a critical element of being a leader. Fire service organizations must strive to provide continuing guidance to personnel through a carefully crafted professional development plan that meets the specifics of the organization.

Firefighter Heart Health in the Age of COVID

January 18, 2022 | 1 PM EST

Firefighters are more vulnerable to not only heart disease, but also to being a vulnerable firefighter that suffers a sudden heart attack while on active duty. Routine testing can miss up to 50% of at-risk firefighters. Many of these risks are also the same risks that place individuals at a higher risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19. A firefighter-specific, research-based, heart health program is essential to reducing the numbers of Firefighters dying from heart attacks. This webinar will explore the scientific evidence, the testing and commonalities that exist between COVID-19 disease, deaths and heart disease.

Vector Solutions Webcast Image

Combat Staffing Challenges with a Mobile App for Scheduling Management

December 14, 2021 | 1 PM EST
Join us for this webinar presentation to learn how Vector Scheduling helps fire departments simplify their crew's scheduling, callbacks, recalls, shift trades, and more. We'll also discuss how Guardian Tracking’s unique Early Intervention system from Vector Solutions catches trending behaviors and potential issues that may stem from triggering events to enable supervisors to act quickly and make the best decision on how to help.
Monster rises from a table

Drawn by Fire: Making a Mandate Monster!

Be careful of the political monsters you make and unleash upon the villagers—once out there, they’re impossible to capture and contain.

Drawn by Fire: Know Your People

Remember that your most valuable resource is people—treat them as such, says Paul Combs.
Pink fire truck

October Is Colored Pink

Todd LeDuc says Breast Cancer Awareness month is a good time to review your cancer risk screening protocols.
Accountability monster scaring a firefighter in bed

Drawn by Fire: The Accountability Monster

Keep training your mind and body for the expected and unexpected—because if you don’t, the accountability monster will find you!
A firefighter applies an exterior stream at a structure fire

Interior Fire Attack: Obsolete or Indispensable?

Is interior fire attack headed for the dustbin of history? Leigh H. Shapiro argues that exterior-only tactics cut against fire service tactics and ethics.
A firefighter at a recent fire in Indianapolis

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Jacqueline Toomey reviews three reasons that sleep deprivation may contribute to firefighter suicide.

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