Drawn by Fire: Making a Mandate Monster!

Monster rises from a table

Before we begin this conversation, let me be very transparent: I am NOT anti-vax, I AM vaccinated by personal choice, I do NOT hold a grudge against those who choose not to get the vaccine. I RESPECT your right to choose your own path.

Unfortunately, through short-sighted ignorance or political arrogance, some municipalities are irresponsibly mandating their first responders be vaccinated or be terminated. Great idea… what then? Seriously…WHAT THEN?!

There’s nothing I can say here that will be a new conversation, so I won’t bore you with regurgitated perspectives, other than to say be careful of the political monsters you make and unleash upon the villagers—once out there, they’re impossible to capture and contain.

STAY FIRED UP, and stay strong to your personal beliefs!

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