Drawn by Fire: Over It!

Firefighters crawl along a floor
Firefighters crawling along a floor
Paul Combs/Drawn by Fire

What a year—or has it been five?—where time seems to have lost all relevancy and we move from day to day in a glazed robotic state. The year started innocently enough, with social media being bombarded with brooms magically standing on end as if to prove witches walk among us or that the earth had magically shifted its magnetic poles where strange and maniacal forces were at play—oh, what a prophecy! We have endured frustration, confusion, desperation, anger, ridiculous binge-buying, social unrest…and yes, unprecedented heartbreak, illness, and death in our modern times. As I reflect on 2020, I can’t help but want to find good where I can—to celebrate hope wherever it can be found. Positivity, after all, is our only real weapon in a war we did not ask for, against an enemy we can not see, and the sense of helplessness on the battleground. 

Positivity – hope – laughter – love – good will – tolerance. 

Here’s to a 2020 that held up mirror to global societies so we could see our strengths and failings—to grow and hopefully come out the other side of the darkness stronger and wiser. 

And here’s to 2021—may your days not start with brooms standing on end!

STAY FIRED UP, and through all the turbulence, find room to laugh.

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