Drawn by Fire: Political Inferno

Bear ranger talking to a can of gasoline
Paul Combs/Drawn by Fire
In the wildland urban interface, bear ranger talking to a firefighter with a head that looks like a can of gasoline
Paul Combs/Drawn by Fire

With wildfires… with fire/EMS funding… with social unrest…with civility… with COVID-19 response…with local/federal politics…with law and order…with science…with national integrity and dignity… Regardless of the political party, this cartoon has so many metaphorical meanings for me. Common sense is an endangered species whose habitat has been scorched to an unrecognizable, blackened landscape. Perhaps new life will rise from this seared terrain, but I fear it will take decades for this first seedling of rationality to grow.

STAY FIRED UP, and meet in the middle for a common understanding and empathetic embrace.

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