Fallen Wilmington (DE) firefighters and the Mayday

Mayday Monday: Air Management and the Mayday

Lessons learned from the 2016 arson fire that killed Wilmington (DE) Fire Department Lieutenant Christopher Leach, Firefighter Jerry Fickes, and Firefighter Ardythe Hope.
Indianapolis Fire Department firefighters battle garage fire

Firefighter Training Drill: Keep the Garage Door Open

Mark van der Feyst reviews a basics drill about maintaining door control at a garage fire.

FDIC International 2021: Training Videos

FDIC International 2021 is already exceeding expectations in Indianapolis, IN.
Thermal imaging view of two firefighters

Bring the Imager

Mark van der Feyst offers a back-to-basics drill on various uses for the thermal imaging camera.
Clove hitch employed on ground ladder

The Halyard: Leave It Alone

Mark van der Feyst reviews a quick firefighter training drill on ground ladder use.
Captain Vincent Fowler, RIT, and SCBA buddy breathing

Mayday Monday: Getting Air to the Down Firefighter

This month's drill is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Captain Vincent Fowler of the Fire Department of New York.
Ground ladder raised above roofline and two hoselines

Go High: Rungs Above the Roofline

When it comes to throwing ladders, how many rungs should be above the roofline? Mark van der Feyst offers some thoughts and a drill.
Pike pole tip

Firefighter Training Drill: Reverse Hold of Pike Pole or Roof Hook

Mark van der Feyst reviews a simple tool tip to make opening up a ceiling more efficient.
Twisting a hoseline on the FDC

Firefighter Training Drill: Do the Twist: FDC Hook Up

Mark van der Feyst shares a drill for your firefighters to practice securing the FDC using the twist method with the hose.
Oscar Armstrong of Cincinnati Fire

Mayday Monday: Firefighter Survival and the Basics

Tony Carroll reviews the tragic incident that claimed the life of Cincinnati (OH) Firefighter Oscar Armstrong III.