FDIC Preview: Jim Duffy on the “Routine” House Fire

Jim Duffy
Jim Duffy/YouTube

At this year’s FDIC International 2020, join Jim Duffy as he discusses the role and duty of firefighters when it comes to responding to house fires.

In his presentation, “It’s Just a Routine House Fire, or Is It?”, Duffy, retired battalion chief/shift commander from the Wallingford (CT) Fire Department and co-host of the “Fireground Strategies” podcast, looks at factors involving fires in private dwellings, the most common structure fire in North America. Odds are that most of your structure fires are in private dwellings. Historically, 75 percent of annual civilian fire deaths occur in residential structures: That equates to about 2,500 deaths a year. In addition, a significant percent of firefighter line-of-duty deaths and injuries occur in these same structures. It should be no surprise that our work environment has changed: Structural members are lighter and cheaper; homes are more energy efficient; and, most importantly, fuels have higher heat-release rates. Among the topics covered is the importance of a thorough size-up and of coordinating all fireground tactics safely and efficiently, especially with today’s staffing levels. Additionally, attendees will analyze current studies and how they may or may not relate to their department’s operations. Some of the lessons learned discussed can also be applied to other types of structure fires.

Jim Duffy has more than 40 years in the fire service. He recently retired as battalion chief/shift commander in Wallingford after 28 years. He is an ex-captain of the Mineola (NY) Fire Department and an adjunct instructor for Middlesex County Regional Fire School. He co-hosts Fireground Strategies on Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio with Anthony Avillo. He has been published in firefighter trade magazines in Canada and the United States, including Fire Engineering and NYSFCA Size-Up. He is a co-author of the “Tactical Perspective” video series (Fire Engineering). He lectures on a variety of firefighting subjects throughout the country and is a regular presenter at FDIC International. He has taught for the Wallingford Fire Department’s Recruit/Firefighter 1.

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