FDIC 2022 Preview: Fire Service Mortar: The Critical Role of the Company Officer

Captain Jarrod Sergi, Norfolk (VA) Fire Rescue

This class provides the tools and knowledge to lead from the front as a company officer, all while building an effective group of performers. It targets newly promoted company officers as well as those who may assume the role in the near future but will ultimately benefit anyone who has the desire to make change and drive ownership into the company level. Company officers truly are the mortar in any fire department. They have the ability to keep their department running strong and efficient with their example, attitude, and passion. This class emphasizes the importance of unit cohesion and how it can have a lasting impact. It is meant to inspire action and produce results in your company, your station, and your department.

FDIC International 2022 takes place April 25-30, 2022.



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