FDIC 2022 Preview: The First Five Minutes

Size Up, Initial Action Planning, and Effective Fireground Communications

Chief Charles Ryan, Tucson (AZ) Fire Department

This class is for fire officers and those who fill in as officers to understand and appreciate the basic elements of scene size-up and situational awareness. It examines incident action planning and decision making processes and explains why “having a plan” is supremely important before committing firefighters into action. Covered is fireground communications: what should be said, how it should be said, and why it should be said. Examples are offered to demonstrate how a great deal of information can be conveyed in far fewer words than we often use. A well-evaluated fireground, managed with a defensible plan that is effectively and efficiently communicated, will lead to a safer and more effective operation.

FDIC International 2022 takes place April 25-30, 2022.



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