FDIC International 2021 Coverage

FDIC sign in Indianapolis

The fire service’s annual sojourn will be somewhat different this year thanks to the pandemic, but the “summer school” edition in Indianapolis will feature the same extraordinary mix of firefighter training, brotherhood, and networking that sets it apart.

All week long at FDIC International 2021 we will have coverage of the show, which you can find here, including video and photos from the HOT sites, the Opening Ceremony, and exhibit news.

Below you’ll find some previews for next week, but go to our FDIC coverage page for even more from the show. Of course, there’s still time to register at www.fdic.com. Hope to see you in Indy!


The Anatomy of a Rescue
Purpose, preparation, and execution are key to a successful rescue. DAVID J. STONE

Leadership: What Are Your Personal Core Values?
Here’s a challenge to create your own mission statement and core values and live by them every day. STEVE PRZIBOROWSKI

Communication and Maydays
The roles that leadership, standard operating procedures, training, and communication play in calling a Mayday. DONALD ABBOTT

Earning the Title “The Professional Volunteer”
Being a professional firefighter in a professional organization is under your control. THOMAS A. MERRILL

Complacency and Actual vs. Theoretical Danger
Theoretical danger is a distraction that takes focus away from the mission and leads to errors. MICHAEL J. BARAKEY

Setting Your Training Program Up for Success
Follow these important steps to set your training program on the right path. BECKI WHITE

FDIC Preview: Women in Fire Conference

FDIC Preview: Workshops Target Today’s Trends

FDIC Preview: So You Want to Be a Training Officer?

FDIC Preview: John Buttrick on Respectful Entry

FDIC Preview: Adam Hansen Looks at ‘Smells and Bells: Rooftop Units’

FDIC Q & A: Steve Chikerotis

FDIC Q & A: Mike Dugan


Pierce Manufacturing to Showcase the Latest in Fire Apparatus Design and Innovation at FDIC International 2021

Will-Burt to Debut Mobile Sentry at FDIC International 2021

Polaris Government and Defense Brings Firefighting Utility Vehicle to FDIC International

Lake Assault Boats to Showcase Firefighting, Patrol, and Rescue Vessel at FDIC International 2021

Vector Solutions Set to Re-Launch Vector Evaluations+ During Conference Season

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