FDIC Int’l 2021: IDEX Fire & Safety’s SAM™ Integrated Total Water Control System

At FDIC International 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana, IDEX Fire & Safety offered an up-close look at the SAM™ Integrated Total Water Control System in Booth #1823 in the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Here, SAM inventor/Business Line Leader Jason Cerrano gives a basic overview of the many applications offered by SAM.

Next, Jason looks at how SAM interacts with the innovative new SAM nozzle interface application to create a drastically improved and efficient hoseline charging experience.

SAM makes complex fire pump operations simple by managing water flow. This allows crews to focus on the fireground without being distracted by what is taking place on the side of the fire apparatus.

During FDIC International, Rosenbauer America announced a new partnership with IDEX Fire & Safety to offer the SAM™ Integrated Total Water Control System exclusively on Rosenbauer apparatus for rear-mount pump applications.

With this merger, Rosenbauer apparatus pump operators can quickly and efficiently use saved presets to set discharge pressures. Even before charging lines, the system automatically opens the tank-to-pump valve, so water is in the pump and ready to go.

To learn more, visit www.samflows.com.

IDEX Fire & Safety

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