FDIC Int’l 2021: Motorola Unveils the APX NEXT XE All-Band P25 Smart Radio

At FDIC International 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Motorola Solution Sales Consultant Alex Anklam offered attendees an up-close, detailed look at the company’s latest first-responder communications radio: the APX NEXT XE.

Here, Alex demonstrates the many uses, features, and abilities of the APX NEXT XE.

APX NEXT XE application services bring new intelligence to the field. Additions such as ViQi, SmartMessaging, SmartMapping, and SmartLocate quickly give firefighters and first responders vital information, from pin point location details to the sharing of important multimedia. And as part of our unique, end-to-end public safety ecosystem, APX NEXT XE data and operations are secure, and new capabilities can be seamlessly added as your needs evolve.

Rugged to the core. Ready for firefighters to operate in extreme environments. Exaggerated controls, now paired with a tough touchscreen to work with or without gloves. And building on class leading audio technology to ensure that you can hear and be heard. SmartConnect keeps you connected when you’re outside radio coverage, and IMPRES2 batteries keep your lifeline powered for up to 18 hours. The result: a firefighter radio that works when you need it, without pause, distraction, or doubt.

The demands of a call require you to adapt and overcome all obstacles. When your focus on the call is threatened, other lives and your crew may be threatened. APX NEXT XE protects your focus when it matters most. Combining glovable oversized controls with accelerated workflows and streamlined interfaces give you reliable use of your lifeline in extreme environments. Stay focused on what matters: your call, your firefighters, and your safety.

Orderable in multi-band or single-band, APX NEXT XE merges glovable oversized controls with field intelligence for reliable use of your lifeline in extreme environments. Stay focused on your call, your firefighters, and your safety.

Learn more at www.motorolasolutions.com/en_us/products/two-way-radios/project-25-radios/portable-radios/apx-next-xe.html.


Every day, our enterprise and public safety customers rely on effortless and reliable communications to keep business thriving and communities safe. They call it their lifeline. At Motorola Solutions, we not only build that lifeline – with mission-critical services, software, video and access control, backed by secure, resilient land mobile radio communications – we advance it every day through our commitment to innovation. Our drive for continuous innovation and partnership with our customers enables them to be ready – in the day-to-day moments, and in the moments that matter most.

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