FDIC Int’l 2021: Seek Thermal Demos Its All-New Reveal FirePRO X and Charging Bay

The thermal imaging company displayed it’s most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera as well as its new four-bay charging dock.

At FDIC International 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Seek Thermal put on display it’s most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera yet: the Reveal FirePRO X, which combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor; a durable IP67 rating; and a wide, 32° field of view, ideal for locating victims, personal navigation, and identifying hazards in seconds. 

Here, Seek Thermal Senior Product Manager Matt Nelson steps onto the Indianapolis Convention Center floor to offer this up-close, detailed look at the improved capabilities of the Reveal FirePRO X as well as its all-new four-bay charging base.

When every second counts and lives are on the line, firefighters need every tool possible to increase their operation speed and enhance their situational awareness.

For years, thermal imaging has been a vital firefighting technology. However, mass adoption has been cost-prohibitive. 

Seek Reveal FirePRO X

The Reveal FirePRO’s powerful 300-lumen LED flashlight is available at the touch of a button. With a variety of color filters and temperature measurement tools, firefighters can enhance their vision and situational awareness to make better decisions faster.

Charged and ready, the Reveal FirePRO X Multi-Charge dock charges up to four Reveal FirePRO X units simultaneously.

Learn more at www.thermal.com/firefighting.html.


The company was founded in 2012 by two industry pioneering scientists, Bill Parrish, PhD and Tim Fitzgibbons PhD, who spent 40 years advancing the state of military and professional-grade thermal imaging technology. Following their previous two companies, Amber Engineering and Indigo Systems, each with successful acquisitions, Seek Thermal is their third venture with the mission to make thermal imaging a part of everyday life.

Seek Thermal is partnered with Raytheon and NXP to design and deliver high-quality, affordable thermal imaging sensors and products across the globe at scale.  As one of the few companies in the world capable of building sensors, Seek Thermal has shipped hundreds of thousands of thermal imaging products around the world as it continues to make thermal imaging an accessible, everyday tool, so people can do their jobs safer, faster and smarter.

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