FDIC Preview: So You Want to Be a Training Officer?

Dave McGlynn/YouTube

Join Dave McGlynn at this year’s FDIC International for his class, which is geared toward aspiring training officers.

The class, “So, You Want to Be a Training Officer! Do You Have What It Takes?,” is based on lessons learned while dealing with a diverse group of training officers. Its main objectives are to create an awareness of what it takes to be  good training officers and to motivate them to incorporate passion in their programs. Some departments have training officers who have never driven an engine, pulled a hoseline, or rode the front seat. Other training officers aren’t humble enough to build a program using the expertise of their people; the programs they develop often fail or are questioned by the members because they lack substance. Simply faking it will never work. This course teaches how to respect the culture, gain respect through credibility, and instill passion in training.

Dave McGlyhn is a 20-year veteran of fire & emergency services having served in municipal and federal fire departments. His experience includes serving as a Training Officer and as an Assistant Fire Chief. Dave presents Building a Training Network and So you want to be a Training Officer. He hosts Fire Engineering Podcast Networking for Success and contributes to Fire Engineering.

The class is in Room 234-235 on Wednesday, August 04, 2021, from 1:30 PM – 3:15 PM.


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