FDIC Preview: Timothy Griswold Talks “Maximizing the Effectiveness of Fire-Based Ambulance Crews on the Fireground”

Timothy Griswold/YouTube

On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, at FDIC International 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana, from 3:30 p.m.-5:15 p.m., Portsmouth (NH) Fire Department Firefighter/Paramedic Timothy Griswold will conduct the classroom session “Thinking Outside the Box: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Fire-Based Ambulance Crews.”

Maximize the capabilities of the ambulance crew during fire suppression operations by using their personnel, skills, and knowledge. Discussion will include how fire department administration can create policies to efficiently integrate the ambulance crew into fireground operations, how to properly equip the ambulance for the tasks the crew could be expected to perform, and training the firefighters assigned to ambulances to properly prepare and maintain the proper mindset to be a valuable asset on the fireground.

Although most fire departments have taken an all-hazards approach to emergency response, the primary mission of the fire department remains fire suppression.

Griswold began his career in the fire service in 2000 as a fire explorer. He attended the University of New Haven where he earned bachelor’s degrees in fire administration and fire and arson investigation. He joined the Portsmouth (NH) Fire Department in 2012 and has been primarily assigned to an ambulance. He has a passion for training and is a staff instructor with the New Hampshire Fire Academy.

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