For the Love of Service: The FDIC Service Awards

FDIC 2021 service award recipients David Kelley and Jeff Quinn

The FDIC Service Award is presented to local Indianapolis-area personnel who have, over an extended period, demonstrated outstanding service to FDIC International. The 2020-2021 recipients are Dave Kelley and Jeff Quinn.

Battalion Chief Dave Kelley is a 19-year firefighter at the Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department (IFD). He began with the Medical Group for FDIC in 2009. In 2015, he started working with Captain Jeff Quinn, the new medical director for FDIC H.O.T. classes and a 31-year firefighter with IFD. Together they developed better procedures and policies to help enhance the program.

In 2017, they brought in a new medical oversight team consisting of the IFD’s chief medical director and EMS fellows. This would bring a higher standard of care and give the medical team better abilities to help serve the event by bringing Emergency Department physicians to the site to evaluate sick or injured firefighters instead of transporting them to the hospital. They also created a closer relationship with a local Level 1 trauma center to help quicken and expedite visits if needed. This endeavor helped reduce time away from classes and the cost to the firefighter and FDIC.

FDIC Education Director Bobby Halton says: “Caring for 40,000 people annually might seem to be a boastful claim, but David and Jeff do just that. With unrelenting focus, they coordinate, administer, participate, and deliver world-class emergency medical care to the attendees, vendors, staff, instructors, and anyone else whose path crosses FDIC International. David and Jeff have been the backbone and the driving force behind making emergency medical services available 24/7 anywhere the FDIC banner is hung. They have delivered services at 0300 in hotel rooms and 0500 at H.O.T. sites. The professionalism and dedication of these two gentlemen is without equal in emergency medical field services. The participants at FDIC have been and continue to be watched over by two of America’s most competent and dedicated EMS providers.”

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