Rosenbauer and IDEX Fire & Safety Deliver Transformational Water Flow Control

Rosenbauer America will unveil an apparatus built on the Rosenbauer Commander chassis featuring IDEX Fire & Safety’s new SAM™ Control System, at the FDIC International conference and exhibition April 8-13 in Indianapolis.

The SAM system makes complex pump operations simple by managing the water flow so the operator can focus on the fireground and the safety of his crew, not the side of the truck. SAM is an integrated total water flow control system that manages the truck’s pump, tank, intakes and discharges.

The truck is destined for the New Melle (MO) Fire Protection District. The district, 37 miles west of St. Louis, has three engine houses: two staffed by volunteers and one by paid firefighters.

The stations cover 121 square miles, meaning trucks are generally 10-15 minutes away from most calls. “The time it takes us to get to calls, combined with limited staffing, is why we need this truck to do a lot more for us,” Chief Rick Massey said. “Any help the truck can give us is what we are looking for in a truck; we need the truck to help our firefighters do their jobs.”

With SAM, pump operators can use saved presets to set discharge pressures with just one swipe on a 10-inch display. Even before charging lines, the system automatically opens the tank-to-pump valve so water is in the pump and ready to go.

The New Melle Fire Protection District has long trusted Rosenbauer. The district purchased its first Rosenbauer truck in 1993; the latest truck will be its sixth. In fact, the truck will be nearly identical to one of New Melle’s current models.

Massey chooses Rosenbauer, in part, because they are “so easy to work with” and offer the opportunity to custom-build trucks according to the district’s needs. “Plus,” he said “we need a truck that is large enough to carry all of our equipment.”

The truck was produced at Rosenbauer’s facility in Wyoming, Minnesota, and is being upfitted at Sentinel Emergency Solutions in Arnold, Missouri. Sentinel is the authorized sales and service dealer for Rosenbauer America for parts of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. New Melle will take delivery in early May.

Brian Franz, vice president at Sentinel, says, “New Melle’s truck is truly unique to the fire service and fits the needs of New Melle perfectly.”

Specs for the rig include:

  • Rosenbauer Commander chassis
  • Hale Products rear-mount 1,500-gpm RSD pump
  • IDEX Fire & Safety’s SAM water control system
  • Hale SmartFOAM direct-injection foam-proportioning system

Rosenbauer’s booth at FDIC International 2019 is 5200.

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