What’s New at FDIC 2020?

FDIC in Indianapolis, Indiana offers 35,000+ Fire & Rescue professionals from 65+ countries around the world, quality world-class instructors, classrooms, workshops, H.O.T. evolutions and the most innovative products and services available to the industry displayed by over 800 exhibiting companies.

The FDIC Experience is more than your traditional trade show it’s about the learning and sharing with your peers formally and informally through hallway conversations, developing life-long friendships and recharging your passion for the industry.

Simply, there is no other event like FDIC International and to experience it, you simply have to attend.

Preliminary Event Guide

FDIC Q & A: Mike Dugan

FDIC Q & A: Steve Chikerotis

FDIC Q & A: Frank Viscuso

FDIC Preview: Jim Duffy on the “Routine” House Fire

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