Flames from a fire in Latham, New York

Off-Duty Firefighters Rescue Woman from Latham (NY) Structure Fire

Two off-duty firefighters rescued a 92-year-old woman from a raging structure fire last week in the hamlet of Latham, New York.
Damaged Albany firefighter helmet

Albany (NY) Firefighters Forced to Bail Out in Two-Alarm Fire

Two Albany (NY) firefighters were compelled to bail out to escape deteriorating conditions during a two-alarm fire last week, according to a report.
Fire pours from a window as firefighters are poised outside the structure with hoselines

Photos: Crews Face Water Supply Issues at Albany (NY) House Fire

Firefighters operating at a house fire earlier this week in Albany, New York, had to contend with a broken water main, according to Sidewinder Photography.
Firefighter in Euro helmet flowing water

Engine Company Ops: Checking the Pattern

So why do firefighters check the nozzle before making entry into a burning structure? Mark van der Feyst reviews some of the tactical considerations.
A firefighter at a recent fire in Indianapolis

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Jacqueline Toomey reviews three reasons that sleep deprivation may contribute to firefighter suicide.
Lt. Brad Clark fallen firefighter

Mayday Monday: Operating on Roadways

The month's bulletin reflects on the untimely death of Hanover County (VA) Lieutenant Brad Clark and the dangers of roadway incidents.
Main Street Memo on cocklofts

Main Street Memo: Cocklofts

This firefighter training bulletin on building construction one may encounter in your typical "downtown" response area looks at cocklofts.
Firefighters roll down member in hazmat suit

Training Minutes: Hazmat RIT

Jeff Chandler and company discuss removing a down firefighter in a Level A hazmat suit from the hazardous materials hot zone.
Fire recruits undertake firefighter training on gas prop

Yes, You Can Get a Firefighter Job with No ‘Experience’

Mandy George reviews three critical attributes that can help you obtain a job a a firefighter and increase your effectiveness throughout your career.

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