Damaged Albany firefighter helmet

Albany (NY) Firefighters Forced to Bail Out in Two-Alarm Fire

Two Albany (NY) firefighters were compelled to bail out to escape deteriorating conditions during a two-alarm fire last week, according to a report.
Fire pours from a window as firefighters are poised outside the structure with hoselines

Photos: Crews Face Water Supply Issues at Albany (NY) House Fire

Firefighters operating at a house fire earlier this week in Albany, New York, had to contend with a broken water main, according to Sidewinder Photography.
Firefighters pull hoselines from a rig, ready to combat the fire

Photos: Firefighters Control Massive Multi-Alarm Fire in Schodack, NY

Sidewinder Photography shared some photos from a recent multiple-alarm fire in a commercial garage in Schodack, New York.
Jeff Chandler on hazmat detection

Hazmat: Detection and Metering for Civilian Rescue While Wearing Turnout Gear

Jeff Chandler reviews some methods of evaluating the environment during a hazmat rescue scenario.
Wet walls

Main Street Memo: Wet Walls

This building construction training bulletin focuses on "wet walls" and potential concerns when it comes to fire extension.
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue helicopter and ambulance

Video: Helicopter Landing Zone

Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue recently shared a training video on helicopter landing zone procedures.
Ground ladder raised above roofline and two hoselines

Go High: Rungs Above the Roofline

When it comes to throwing ladders, how many rungs should be above the roofline? Mark van der Feyst offers some thoughts and a drill.
Mike Ciampo instructs firefighters during a hands-on training evolution at FDIC International 2019

Firefighter Training Paradigm Shift from COVID-19: Traditional vs. Online Learning

The pandemic has compelled fire departments to take online learning seriously. But how effective is online learning vs. traditional learning?
Joe Alvarez on door removal

Training Minutes: Door Removal

Joe Alvarez demonstrates how to remove a door so that it doesn't close behind firefighters, trapping them in a burning building.

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