Brady Publishing, Action Training Systems to Distribute New Emergency Medical Responder Training Programs

Pearson’s Brady Publishing is partnering with Action Training Systems (ATS) to bring a 25-topic DVD/online training series to the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) market. The program provides a comprehensive instructor resource in conjunction with Brady’s Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene (9th edition) training manual.

The EMR series includes 25 training programs which include demonstrations of important life-saving skills, as well as assessment and management techniques for first responders in the prehospital field. Action Training Systems programs have always been based on national standards, and the new series is based on the current National EMS Education Standards (NEMSES).

Brady and ATS are collaborating on a revised, custom edition of the Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene manual, which will include chapter references to coordinate with each ATS EMR title. Combining these two resources will make the learning process more cohesive and engaging for both instructors and students.

“The extensive use of realistic, live-patient simulations sets their training resources apart from the rest of the pack,” said Chris J. Le Baudour, co-author of Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene and one of the many technical advisors for the new training program. “

“Action Training Systems and Brady have built a strong working relationship over the past two years while developing this new series,” said ATS founder George Avila, Jr. “Brady’s focus mirrors our own desire to provide the best training resources for emergency responders, and this new program exemplifies both companies’ dedication to high-quality content and attention to detail.”

“Brady looks to partner with companies that have as their primary mission superior education and training; conduct their business with integrity; and complement our overall offerings to our customers,” said Marlene McHugh Pratt, Editor-in-Chief for Brady. “ATS’s long-standing quality and success are second to none and well-deserved, and its development and production standards are among the highest in the industry. We look forward to this and much more collaboration between us.”

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