CentreLearn Announces New Sales Account Manager

Kyle David Bates, host of the Pedi-U podcast and pediatric EMS education expert, is presenting a free CE webinar on pediatric ingestions on December 20, 2012. The interactive webinar will review assessment, history gathering, and treatment of the poisoned child. Registration is open now.

Kyle stated, “Kids are curious, and hungry, and being a dad, I have learned this over the years. Kids cannot tell, nor do they know, the difference between a medication and a piece of candy. In general, many pill ingestions will only make the child sick, however, there are a few out there that can be “1 pill killers.”

Many EMTs and paramedics are nearing their recertification deadline and will be able to earn a CECBEMS approved CE certificate for this instructor-led activity. “Kyle is a dynamic educator and participants will learn assessments and treatments they can utilize immediately,” stated Greg Friese, CentreLearn Director of Education. EMTs and Paramedics will be invited to submit questions to Kyle throughout the webinar.

Every year, over a million children, many of them under the age of 5, are victims of an unintentional poisoning. Of those, over 50% are the result of medication ingestion. Kyle will also discuss injury prevention techniques so this scenario doesn’t happen.

Webinar Registration.

Centrelearn Announces New Sales Account Manager


CentreLearn, a provider of online learning for EMS and fire agencies, announced that it has added Leslie Yates to its sales team.

Yates will serve as the account manager for the Southeast region. In this role, she will partner with public safety organizations to provide complete online training programs and help agencies meet continuing education requirements. She will also represent CentreLearn at a wide variety of fire and EMS industry events nationwide.

Prior to joining CentreLearn, Yates served as a regional sales manager for 13 years for Ferno Washington, Inc. located in Wilmington, Ohio. Ferno is a global company serving the emergency, mortuary and health care markets. While in that position, she received a number of performance awards and was selected to participate in a special leadership development program.

“We are most fortunate that Leslie has joined our team. Her extensive experience working with EMS organizations will be very valuable in helping new CentreLearn clients achieve their online training objectives,” said James Eastham, Sc.D., chief executiv