Duracell Quantum Offers Power to First Responders

Duracell has developed their biggest innovation since the Copper Top. The brand, long-trusted by fire, law and other professional organizations,  has recently introduced Duracell Quantum–the world’s #1 most advanced alkaline battery with unbeatable long lasting power, and announced a commitment to  donate 1 million Quantum batteries to first responders nationwide to use in their life-saving equipment.

Duracell partnered with FEMA to identify the first responder groups who are in need of batteries for their life-saving and protective equipment.  Firefighters, EMTs and Police departments, as well as Wildland fire communities include the first responders who will receive the battery donation. Through this donation, Duracell will make an impact with the first responder groups that engage most directly with a majority of communities in the U.S.

Additionally, Duracell launched a new video series titled, Quantum Heroes. The series, found atYouTube.com/Duracell, shares previously untold stories of bravery, heroism and sacrifice of first responders. I hope you will consider inclusion of the new Quantum, the meaningful donation to first responders and the Quantum Heroes video series as a news brief or feature in your publication.

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