EMS Compass Releases First Performance Measures for Review

Today EMS Compass released its first set of EMS performance measures for public comment and testing. The initiative invites all members of the EMS community to view the measures at emscompass.org, test them using real data in EMS systems and provide feedback.

“While we are excited to be releasing these measures, we are more excited that we have created a process for developing and validating EMS performance measures with input from a wide range of stakeholders,” said Bob Bass, MD, Chair of the EMS Compass Steering Committee. “We hope these are just the first of many performance measures that EMS Compass designs and tests in order to help create a culture of measurement and improvement in the EMS profession.”

EMS agencies at the local, regional and state levels are encouraged to evaluate these measures immediately, using actual patient records and to provide feedback to EMS Compass on their ability to find the data, calculate the measures and interpret the results. 

The public testing and comment period for these measures closes on Aug. 26. Specific questions about how to test the measures should be sent to EMS Compass Project Manager Nick Nudell at nick@nasemso.org.

Prior to releasing these performance measures, the EMS Compass working groups developed a process for measurement design to ensure that the measures were based on the best available scientific evidence. The EMS Compass process will ensure that EMS systems nationwide have standard, validated measures so they can use their data to evaluate and improve the care they provide to patients and the service they give to the community.

“EMS can make a significant difference in the outcomes of patients having strokes,” said David Williams, PhD, who chairs the EMS Compass Measurement Design Group. “These evidence-based performance measures will help ensure that EMS systems are providing the best possible care to their patients.”

EMS Compass will continue to release performance measures for comment throughout the next several months. To make sure you are notified of opportunities to review, test and provide feedback on the measures and the measurement design and testing process, sign up to receive updates at emscompass.org.  

The EMS Compass Steering Committee will meet in Washington, DC on August 19, 2015. For more information on how to attend in person or watch the meeting online, email Zoe Renfro at zoe@nasemso.org. 

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