Extrication expert joins Champion Rescue Tools

Champion Rescue Tools, the leader in next-generation, hydraulic rescue tools able to access the passenger compartments of the safest, 5-star crash rated vehicles, announces the appointment of Carl Haddon as Extrication Training Director

Mr. Haddon is a fire service captain and major speedway race control and fire/safety director. During his first responder career, Mr. Haddon has supervised and participated in countless vehicle-accident extrications. During his tenure working for Penske Motorsports, he created, implemented and managed race control and fire/safety operations for a number of major speedways in the US and Australia. He also has managed risk management and loss mitigation consulting companies specializing in medical and fire safety for major events and venues.

“Carl is one of the most experienced vehicle extrication experts we know,” commented Tom Patton, founder of Champion Rescue Tools. “Carl will translate his years of extricating vehicle accident victims into developing our critical training programs for first responders using Champion’s leading-technology rescue tools.”

“Our comprehensively-patented, next-generation extrication tools are proving to be the only tools available to first responders able to quickly access victims in 5-star crash rated vehicles involved in serious accidents” stated Champion’s chief executive officer, Alan Discount. “Our goal is to provide first responders with the tools to allow them to get to auto accident victims faster, safer and better, thereby reducing the severity of victim’s injuries.”

“Champion’s rescue tools are by far the best in the industry,” stated Carl Haddon. “Newer metallurgic technology in vehicle construction has dramatically complicated the job of first responders in extricating crash victims in a timely manner to mitigate more serious injury or even death. No other rescue tool can cut through these new vehicle constructions as quickly and effectively as Champion’s tools.”

“Carl will quickly commence a nationwide training program to include events hosted by the major vehicle manufacturers at their crash test proving grounds,” added Discount. “This will provide first responders with the latest extrication techniques on the challenges posed by the newest car constructions. This type of training has previously been outside the reach of most first responders and Champion will be offering it at no cost to qualified rescue personnel.”

Champion Rescue Tools, www.championrescuetools.com, is the technology leader in next generation, hydraulic rescue tools for the first responder. The company’s patented line of vehicle extrication tools is proving to be the most effective and efficient tools to remove victims of serious vehicle accidents, particularly in the safest cars being manufactured today. Founded as Patton Hydraulics in 1978, the company has built specialty hydraulic tools for a variety of industrial applications for customers including GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Chrysler.

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