Florida County May Sue Firefighter Over Training Costs

A former Monroe County (FL) firefighter may be facing a lawsuit over $5,247 in training costs, according to a report.

A report from the Keynoter says Anthony Moore resigned May 15 from Monroe County Fire Rescue, seven months after he completed a paramedic training course.

A county attorney will ask commissioners Wednesday if they want to pursue a breach-of-contract lawsuit seeking partial repayment of the training costs.

Under a contract Moore signed last October, he agrees to repay the county for his training if he leaves Monroe County Fire Rescue before working at least two years as a local paramedic, the report said.

Moore reportedly quit to take a position in the West Palm Beach Fire Department.

Located in the south of Florida, Monroe County includes part of the Everglades and the islands of the Florida Keys.

Read more about this legal situation at http://www.keysnet.com/2015/07/11/503581_county-looks-to-sue-firefighter.html.

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