In Wake of Attacks, Illinois Firefighters, Police Perform Security Drill

In the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks on Paris, firefighters, police, and EMS agencies in the United States are revisiting their preparations for responding to mass shootings and terrorism. CBS took a look at what responders in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, in terms of interagency planning.

In the old model, the report said, responders would focus on the police officers moving each patient out to a location to then transferring them to the paramedics, whereas now police officers and paramedics are trained to go in together, officers securing the building while paramedics in bullet proof gear begin treatment right there.

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Responders particpating in a homeland security drill in Northbrook were focusing on three test studies for their training: The Boston Marathon Bombings, terrorism in Mumbai, India, and the mass shooting at the movie theater in Colorado.


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