Indianapolis Firefighters Reunite with Baby Delivered at Fire Station


By Rita L. Reith

Shortly after 9 p.m. on Tuesday, September 28, 2015, a van pulled onto the approach of Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department Station 8. The male driver, Brett VanDuyn, jumped out of the van and caught the attention of the firefighters. He was waving frantically as if he needed help. The driver stated that his wife, Kasie VanDuyn, was pregnant and about to deliver the baby.

The crew of Engine 8 A-Shift– Lt. Mike Senzig, Pvt. Tim Jennings EMT-P, Pvt. Brandon Reeves, and Pvt. Zachary Tucker–jumped in immediately to help. The VanDuyns were on their way from their home in Noblesville to IU Methodist Hospital for the impending delivery and stopped at the fire station when they realized they wouldn’t make it all to IU Methodist. 

Pvt. Jennings, went to the passenger side and met the expectant mother, who stated she was 40 weeks pregnant with her third child and the contractions were hard, fast, and constant.  Lt. Senzig radioed dispatch and started an ambulance while the others grabbed the OB kit off of the engine. Assessing the situation and working under extreme pressure, the crew from Engine 8 made the mother as comfortable as possible and prepared her to deliver. Baby Boy Dylenn arrived within minutes at 9:13 PM. The delivery was unremarkable and textbook–except it was done in the front seat of a minivan outside a fire station. IEMS Medic 21 arrived, assumed care of the mother and child, and transported them both to Methodist Hospital.

This Saturday, Brett, Kasie, and Dylenn VanDuyn returned to reunite with the firefighters from Station 8 A-Shift who helped in the delivery. The baby and mom are both doing great.

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