McNeil Offers Cardiac Care and Critical Burn Patient Advocacy to Fire Industry

McNeil & Co. announces it will now offer patient advocacy and case management services for critical burn patients as well as cardiac care and heart transplant patients, becoming the first company to offer this type of comprehensive coverage to the emergency service industry. The expanded benefits, which will cover on and off duty events, are part of enhancements to McNeil & Co.’s Emergency Services Insurance Program Accident & Health product. Through a partnership with Tethys Health Ventures, these services will provide assistance in planning, coordinating and implementing care recommended by the patient’s physician.  

Case management is a complex process, which assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors and evaluates the options, resources and services required to meet the client’s needs. One primary point of contact for the patient and family reduces the complexity and stress when faced with a traumatic incident.

Clients will have access to the Tethys network of specialized burn and cardiac care centers, such as Johns Hopkins and the University of Chicago Burn Center.  The enhancements also include medical evacuation and repatriation services if a covered person needs to be transferred to a specialized burn center. Case management services will be provided during the evaluation period as well as pre/post-treatment.

“McNeil & Co. customers who suffer critical burns — whether fighting a fire or simply grilling outdoors — will now have access to patient advocates with experience and expertise in managing these complex cases, while cardiac and transplant patients will have someone to help them access some of the country’s top cardiac care centers,” said Pat Daglio, Benefits Program Manager at McNeil & Co. “These enhancements speak to McNeil’s unparalleled dedication to emergency service organizations and the other niche industries we serve. We look forward to continuing our work to provide the most comprehensive service that puts our customers first.”

Through a partnership with Assist America, ESIP’s expanded coverage will also include medical evacuation and repatriation benefits with a limit of $50,000. Assist America will connect the covered person to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other services if they experience a medical emergency while more than 100 miles from home. The policy will pay expenses for medically necessary transportation and medical services to get the covered person to a treatment facility, transportation charges to return from the treatment facility to home, and travel expenses of an escort. In addition, the policy will cover expenses to return the covered person’s remains to their place of residence and travel expenses of an escort if death occurs more than 100 miles from home.


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