New Book on Tactical Lock Picking for Emergency Service Professionals

Tactical Lock Picking
Tactical Lock Picking

Author Pat Watson recently released a new practical guide to lock picking for EMTs, firefighters, and other first responders. 

Published by Uncensored Tactical, Tactical Lock Picking: A Systemized Approach for Responding to Locked Obstacles During Emergencies presents unconventional entry approaches for emergency service members and how this skill can better equip EMS workers to minimize structural damage.

What if a door, gate, or other locked obstacle kept you from saving time, money, or a life during an emergency? The book presents a full-spectrum plan to gain vital access into any kind of structure quickly and effectively, including:

  • How to forgo kicking in doors to bypass locks to save time, property damage, and injury.
  • The low-tech physical solutions to access keypads and card reader locks.
  • The tools you need and how to organize your gear for field deployment.
  • The seven-step target assessment to help you identify, analyze, and execute proven techniques for opening padlocks, door locks, keypads, combination locks, vehicle gates, and more.
  • A methodology to develop your “key to the city” for major catastrophes.

Watson, an 11-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, is also the host of the Uncensored Tactical podcast and trains civilians and first responders on survival tactics and emergency skills.

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