New Software to Streamline Multi-Jurisdictional Emergency Response

Kenton County Police and Covington Police Departments are consolidating emergency response operations with the help of New World Systems’ integrated suite of Aegis (TM) Public Safety solutions. The shared software will help the Kentucky agencies improve multi-agency information sharing, enhance first responder safety and better serve county residents.

“The multi-jurisdictional capabilities of New World’s software made it a good fit for our consolidating agencies,” said Captain Bryan Carter from Covington Police Department. “We needed information at our fingertips for dispatchers and officers in the field. The integration between New World’s applications makes that possible.”

A New World Systems customer since 2011, Covington will hand over system administration and maintenance to Kenton County. New World’s software will offer County agencies new capabilities, such as access to more location information with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and the ability for officers to easily perform queries in the field. For the first time, agencies will be using the same Mobile Computing software, enhancing communication in the field.

“New World’s software and the integration of public safety applications is an important first step in our consolidation,” said Ed Butler, Communications Director for Kenton County. “Criminals do not stay within city boundaries, and the ability to share information throughout Kenton County will be invaluable to us. New World’s software will also give us a clearer picture of where our personnel are in the field so agencies are better able to assist each other.”

Kenton County will use New World’s Aegis Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management, Mobile Computing and Field-Based Reporting software to automate and streamline emergency response for Kenton County Police, Kenton County Sheriff, Taylor Mill Police, Independence Police and Covington Police Departments.

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