Off-Duty CA Firefighter Assists Heart-Attack Victim

An off-duty firefighter’s quick actions helped saved the life of a man who suffered a heart attack earlier this month in Merced, California.

The Merced Sun reports ( that Kevin Buccola walked out of his gym on the morning of November 13 to find a crowd in the parking lot standing around an unconscious man.

Discovering that the man had no pulse and was not breathing, Buccola performed CPR and instructed the gym’s staff to get their automated external defibrillator.

“He had probably about four minutes of oxygen left in his blood system,” Buccola told reporters. “So I wanted to get some compressions going to get the blood circulating so he wouldn’t get brain damage.”

A bystander called 911, and soon a fire truck and then an ambulance arrived at the scene. The patient was shocked twice with a defibrillator and regained his pulse.

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