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Simulaids, Inc.: Latex-free, durable vinyl plastic manikin is designed for training emergency personnel students learning advanced life support skills for children under three years old. Includes oral and nasal passages for intubation, three-lead monitoring, IV arm and hand, and two legs for intraosseous needle insertion and aspiration of bone marrow. Allows practice of jaw thrust; chest compressions; bag valve mask ventilation; Sellick`s maneuver; and palpations of the scalp vein, cranial sutur


Hartwell Medical Corporation: Works like standard backboard and uses standard straps and most current head immobilizers. Separates in half for patients with suspected hip and pelvic fractures, enabling transfer with minimal movement. Sloping design of continuous head support surface improves patient positioning in neutral alignment. (800) 633-5900.


When I teach dispatchers how to deal with the stress of their jobs, I break down dispatch stressors into four categories: operational, lifestyle, attitudinal, and environmental. In examining the dispatcher`s working environment, I will often ask, "If you were building a new dispatch center, what kinds of things would you like to see incorporated into that center to make your working life easier?" The question I have now is: "How did the Phoenix Fire Department manage to get a spy into every one


Many fire departments across the country have been faced with the task of developing a plan to increase their operational role in emergency medical services or finding a method to provide timely access for all citizens to emergency medical care and transportation services without increasing costs or decreasing fire protection services. Many options are available. A very feasible alternative would be a public-private or fire/EMS partnership for EMS transportation. However, many agencies have con

Community health partnership prepares Boca Ratons EMS system for the future

Boca Raton Fire Rescue has been the primary responder for medical emergencies in this oceanside community, which has a population of about 69,000, since July 1974. During that time, Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services (FRS) has grown with the community and adapted to its changing health care needs. Today, FRS provides emergency medical services (EMS) from six fire stations. One-hundred fifty firefighters, 93 of whom are also certified paramedics, staff five advanced life support (ALS) paramedic resc

EMS Agenda for the Future proposed

The EMS Agenda for the Future establishes the goals and recommendations for the future of EMS in America. The strategic plan and needs assessment guide was introduced during National EMS Week, May 18-24, 1997.

Medical device manufacturers PHYSIO-CONTROL CORPORATION and MARQUETTE MEDICAL SYSTEMS have formed a

Medical device manufacturers PHYSIO-CONTROL CORPORATION and MARQUETTE MEDICAL SYSTEMS have formed a strategic alliance to create technological compatibility between their products and a joint distribution strategy. The alliance will allow emergency medical teams using Physio-Control`s 12-lead heart monitor/ defibrillators to transmit ECGs to Marquette`s MUSE CVTM cardiovascular information system at a hospital before the patient is placed in an ambulance. Hospital emergency physicians will be a


Simulaids, Inc.: Designed for emergency personnel students learning advanced life support skills. Features oral and nasal passages for intubation, IV arm and hand, jumping action when defibrillated, and heart rhythm recognition. Allows practice for injections, ventilation, chest compressions, and precordial thump. (800) 431-4310.

EMS Memorial Service to be held May 24

Twenty-three emergency medical service (EMS) providers who died in recent years while on duty assisting sick or injured persons will be honored at the National EMS Memorial Service to be held May 24 at Greene Memorial United Methodist Church in Roanoke, Virginia. The provider-honorees served with rescue squads, fire departments, medevac services, and ambulances services and represent 17 states.

Make the Right Call EMS Week Luncheon on May 20

A luncheon to commemorate Make the Right Call EMS Week will be held May 20 on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. The event will recognize the efforts and accomplishments of America`s first responders. Dr. Ricardo Martinez, National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator, and representatives of the Make the Right Call campaign`s partnering organizations will be present. An exhibition of educational materials will be featured.