Prince William County (VA) Phoenix Club a community force

Prince William County (VA) Phoenix Club a community force

The Prince William County (VA) Phoenix Club, which inducted its first members in February 1994, is an exclusive organization for survivors of out-of-hospital sudden deaths who were revived by the intervention of bystanders or the County`s emergency medical services system. Members are inducted every February. A total of 21 members have been inducted since the Club`s inception; the 20 surviving members are leading productive lives.

“The club derives its name from the mythical bird Phoenix, which in death is consumed by fire. Out of the fire springs forth another young bird to carry on the species,” explains Mary Beth Michos, chief of County of Prince William Department of Fire and Rescue. “The `rebirth` of the bird symbolizes the second chance of life given to the survivor.”

The County`s Phoenix Club is headed by a retired firefighter from the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue. He himself experienced cardiac arrest while driving a pumper en route to an emergency incident; he was successfully resuscitated by his crew.

Club members participate in various community-oriented activities such as promoting bystander CPR, demonstrating the success of out-of-hospital EMS programs, providing a support group for the cardiac/ respiratory-arrest survivors and their families and friends, and developing a community advocacy group for the EMS program. Several members have also visited Congress to promote aspects of the chain of survival.

Members are presented with a certificate and pin on induction and receive a card from the Department of Fire and Rescue on their “rebirthday.”

The Club is supported by Prince William County Professional Fire Fighters Local 2598 and the area`s two community hospitals.

For additional information, contact Lieutenant Joe Robertson, Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue, Public Safety Training Center, 13101 Public Safety Drive, Nokesville, VA 20181; web site: MBM:nlmw:mbmthe phoenix arises.

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