Assured Automations Announces New 2-Way Solenoid Valve

Assured Automation announces the J Series Solenoid Valve for applications that require electrically operated, cost -effective, reliable valves. The J Series valve is a pilot assist design offering high flow rate with minimal pressure loss. These valves feature a spring return design that is Fail Open or Fail Close upon loss of electrical power.

Cycle speed is fast, occurring in as little as 0.25 milliseconds in either direction. The pilot-assist design only requires a 3 psi differential on either side of the valve. The valves are available in two-way configurations, 3/8” to 2” with pressure ratings up to 225 PSI (150 psi max for steam). Valve bodies are brass with BUNA and EPDM diaphragms. End connections are FNPT. Coils are DIN connectors with cord grip.

The J Series solenoid valve is suitable for water, gas, or steam applications.  Typical applications are laundry, spraying, pumping, compressors, autoclaves, air dryers, water treatment, and filling systems.

Featured Applications

The J Series solenoid valve is particularly well suited for high cycle applications.  For example, a filling system OEM needed a high cycle valve for water batching. They specified a fail close valve to ensure system shutdown in case of loss of power. The J Series valve proved to be a durable and cost effective solution for their system.  The cycle speeds provided accurate filling and the durability of the valve gave their end users many years of reliable service.

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