Special Webcast Series – EMS Planning, Mitigation, and Recovery for High-Consequence Events

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We have seen fire, rain, and flooding. We hone our response based on years of records and new technologies. But, fire and rain have predictive values. Not so a catastrophic biologic event. We have developed vaccines for some of the most infectious agents, but each relies on voluntary compliance or mandated ring immunization without guaranty of jurisdictional adherence in a geopolitically isolated environment.

A novel virus/genetically engineered biologic organism will strain the fabric of society and stress the medical response system to the limits of its capabilities. It will have no predictive value. First responders will be at the forefront. Planning based on best evidence for force protection; communication; behavioral health; and changes in triage, treatment, and transport, along the theoretical timeline using a multifunctional analytical matrix incorporating institutional components and key functions, will create a culture of awareness, maintaining the systems on which we rely.

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