Three Injured in Washington D.C. Junior High School Fire

Three people were taken to the hospital Tuesday after a fire damaged Shaw Junior High School located in Northwest, D.C. on Tuesday, reports

The school is located on 9th Street and Rhode Island Avenue in Northwest, D.C., according to DC Fire and EMS. The fire was put out, however the school sustained significant damage.

Two of the people are in critical condition and one is in serious condition, according to officials.

According to the PIO for D.C. Public Schools, Shaw Junior High School was being used until the end of the school year by students and staff of Duke Ellington School for the Arts, which was undergoing renovations. The PIO is now trying to find out who was at the school at the time of fire and for what reason. He added that he is almost certain that the school was not being used for summer school or any other activity.

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