Two Dead and One Injured After Helicopter Crash in Saucier (MS)

Two people are dead and one is severely injured after a U.S. Forest Service helicopter crashed Monday, reports

Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan confirmed two of the helicopter’s occupants died in the crash, and authorities are still working to remove their bodies from the wreckage.

Sullivan said he believes the aircraft was a contract helicopter being used by forestry personnel to monitor a control burn in the area.

“There were crews on the scene immediately,” he said. “These guys who work forestry are professionals. They train in first aid, they train for eventualities like this, so from that standpoint, that’s an asset to the person that was injured.”

He said the sole survivor of the crash suffered severe trauma and was taken by helicopter to the University of South Alabama Medical Center in Mobile.

Eddie Baggett, prescribed fire specialist for the Forest Service, said the three on the helicopter were contract workers.

“We lost radio contact and somebody called me on the radio and said we may have an incident,” Baggett said. “Usually, I’m talking to them all the time. We’ve got an ambulance on the way.”

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