A Visit from Mountain Doo the Search and Rescue Puppy! Part 3

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In our last column, the Fire Safety Dogs shared how much fun they had with two special visitors from Joplin, Missouri, Mountain Doo (“Doo”) and his pet parent, Rob Lewis!

Part 3

After visiting Lamar Elementary School and the Clarksville Police Department, we got to have a play date with Finnagus Sage (Finn) and Mountain Doo (Doo)! Finn is a very special friend! He is a law enforcement dog!

Here are a few pix from the big playdate! We had a blast!

Finn and Doo playing

Finn and Doo had so much fun!


Doo always made us smile! He was so nice! So was Finn!


After the play date, we all had our picture made at Sparkles’ Clubhouse! We gave Finn and Doo some presents to thank them for coming to play!

Finn, Sue, Doo, Rob and Sparkles II

Doo checking out his presents.


Finn couldn’t wait to see what was in his bag!

Here you go, Finn! Hope you like your new toy!

Doo loved his presents too!


In our next column, we will visit about more about the fun that Doo had with the Fire Safety Dogs and with their friend, Finnagus Sage!

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