A Visit from Mountain Doo the Search and Rescue Puppy! Part 4

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In our last column, the Fire Safety Dogs shared how much fun they had with two special visitors from Joplin, Missouri, Mountain Doo (“Doo”) and his pet parent, Rob Lewis!

Part 4

After visiting Lamar Elementary School, the Clarksville Police Department, and having a big play date with Finnagus Sage (Finn) and Mountain Doo (Doo), Finn and Doo, he next day, all of us went to watch Doo and Finn train! It was a blast!

First, Rob got Doo all ready to start working.

Then, Doo went on his search. He looked everywhere!

Doo found what he was looking for! Good boy, Doo!

Then, Doo got a big hug from his Dad for doing a good job!

Next, it was Finnagus’ turn! First, Rob made a trail.

Then Doo followed it!

Then Finnagus found Rob! Rob gave him a cookie for finding him! Good boy, Finn! Finn loves being a law enforcement dog!

Scratches for Finn!

Good boy, Finn!

In our next column, we will wrap up our visit with Doo!



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