A Visit From Mountain Doo the Search and Rescue Puppy! Part 5

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In our last column, the Fire Safety Dogs shared how much fun they had with two special visitors from  Joplin, Missouri, Mountain Doo (“Doo”) and his pet parent, Rob Lewis!

Part 5

After visiting Lamar Elementary School, the Clarksville Police Department, having a big play date with Finnagus Sage (Finn) and Mountain Doo (Doo), it was time for Doo to go home back to Joplin.

But, before he did, he had to check out the inside of Sparkles’ Clubhouse!

Afterwards, Doo went to take a tour of Sparkles’ Clubhouse. He had a great time!

First he checked out the outside…


Then the inside! He loved the clubhouse and that the Fire Safety Dogs share fire safety there!


Before he left, he thanked Firefighter Dayna by giving her a big sloppy kiss!


Then it was time for Doo to leave.

Thanks for coming to see us, Doo! After this picture was made, Doo put on his seatbelt and headed back to Joplin. We loved seeing Rob and Doo! Come see us again, Rob and Doo!


Sparkles II has some exciting news! He got to try on his fire safety helmet for the very first time! He was so excited!

Sparkles II trying on his very own Fire Safety Dog helmet for the first time!

Here’s a video of him trying his helmet on for the first time!


[bc_video account_id=”1214147015″ player_id=”1535038561001″ video_id=”1694743011001″ min_width=”300px”]


Before we go, kids, your class can Skype free with the Fire Safety Dogs! Click on the picture below to learn more!


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