A Visit from Mountain Doo the Search and Rescue Puppy, Part 1


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The Fire Safety Dogs have been really excited!

They had two special visitors from Joplin, Missouri, Mountain Doo (“Doo”) and his pet parent, Rob Lewis!

You have heard us mention Doo in previous columns, and we finally got to meet him! For those of you that may be new to Doo’s story, his Dad, Rob, was in the Joplin tornado last year and he was trapped. Rob was very happy when some people came to rescue him, and he decided that when he got all better, that he would train his very own puppy to help others like he was helped! How cool is that?

When Doo got here, one of the first things that he did was go to Lamar Elementary School with Sparkles II to do a safety presentation. Sparkles II and Firefighter Dayna shared fire safety with the boys and girls and Doo and Rob shared tips on what to do if you get lost in the woods.

Firefighter Dayna and Sparkles II sharing fire safety while Rob and Doo look on.

Doo and Rob’s turn to share safety tips! Hug a tree if you are lost in the woods. Stay where you are!
























The principal at Lamar Elementary, Ms. Terry, was so nice! She took Sparkles II and Doo to Mrs. Bates classroom, where they both shared safety tips! Thanks so much to Ms. Terry, Ms. Bates and all the boys and girls for having us! We had a great time!

Ms. Terry with Mountain Doo and his human, Rob.

Ms. Terry with Sparkles II! She was so nice!

































Sparkles II, Firefighter Dayna, Doo and Rob were really happy to have shared safety messages to all the children at Lamar Elementary!

Firefighter Dayna and Rob went to high school together in Joplin way back when. BOL (Barking Out Loud). They were so surprised to learn that they both had dogs that liked to help people and now they enjoy helping each other share information about the important work that the dogs do!


Sparkles II, Firefighter Dayna, Rob and Mountain Doo.















Sparkles II was really excited to read about the visit to Lamar Elementary in the Courier Democrat! It was his very first time to be in a newspaper!

Sparkles II was in his very first newspaper, the Courier Democrat!
















You can read all about the visit to Lamar Elementary HERE.


















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