Earth Angels In Uniform

This beautiful poem was written and submitted by Patricia Capansky. It talks about firefighters and what they do for us every single day. It’s dedicated to all the brave and loving firefighters out there. It’s our little way of saying, thank you.


So little do we realize

the many things they do

or how much they affect our lives

as each day we go through


Because each time disaster strikes

on them we can depend

to demonstrate their expertise

as helping hands they lend.


So graciously they do their jobs

with all the help they give

and often risk their own lives

that someone else might live.



When something tragic happens

you’ll always find them there

this special group in uniform

with which none can compare.


The tragedies they cover

are too numerous to tell,

like fires, floods, and tornadoes

and small children in a well.


In daylight or in darkness,

clear weather or a storm

you’ll find these Guardian Angels

in a Fireman’s Uniform.

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