Fire Life

Top 10 Reasons More People Should Act Like Firefighters

Michael Morse offers this list of how the public would benefit from taking on the firefighter mentality.

Acupuncture for First Responders

Fire Life's newest columnist, Dr. Nikki Kelly, begins her Fire Life journey by offering firefighters this introduction to the world of acupuncture and its many healing characteristics.

Bringing Me Back

"The mind is a strange place; bearing witness to things better left unseen must scramble things up more than I thought," writes Michael Morse.

Brothers and Sisters!

"My advice to the firefighters who believe that the brotherhood is a myth? The only way to be a brother is to BE a brother," writes Michael Morse.

Feed the Police!

Michael Morse joins the ranks of our Fire Life chefs with this recipe that originated in Mrs. Morse’s kitchen and was modified by the man himself.

Heat Wave

"'It’s going to be a scorcher!' say the off-duty platoon members as their reliefs file in one by one on a July morning in Providence. They are off to the beach or to their air-conditioned homes, grateful that fate was kind and the schedule demons favored them--this time," writes Michael Morse.

Part-Time Work Is Not as Easy as It Looks!

"My part-time job is far more challenging than I ever dreamed, and I have a new respect for the people in the retail trenches," writes Michael Morse.

Things of Significance

“Hoarders hoard things of no significance,” I exclaimed, after making a mental inventory of my things. “Therefore, I am not a hoarder!” writes Michael Morse.

The Next Generation

Michael Morse asks, “If your job is so dangerous, why on earth would you let your kids follow in your footsteps?”

On the Shelf

"I look at the relics from my past now and then, not with regret but with a lot of pride and a little bit of envy. I hear sirens in the distance and wonder if the crew on the truck realizes that it will all come to an end for them, too," writes Michael Morse.