Fire Life

Lives of Quiet Desperation

"Being invited into the lives of desperately ill people and witnessing their courage, caring, and humanity instilled in me hope and optimism that stays with me long after my days responding to their emergencies are done," writes Michael Morse.

Creating Community Through Our Work

"There is so much more to see and be part of when we open ourselves up to a little help now and then. The people around you are there for you, and you are there for them," writes Michael Morse.

We Happy Few

"Not many people get the opportunity to respond to other people’s emergencies and, by doing so, participate in the age-old struggle of good vs. evil," writes Michael Morse.

Thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers”

"I’ll continue making my small corner of the world the best place I can while offering thoughts and prayers to people whose horrific circumstances brought them to the rest of the world’s attention," writes Michael Morse.

Finding Out

Michael Morse writes, "Most of us will never be called to a mass casualty or be present when tragedy strikes. All of us carry with us the know-how and presence of mind to act in an emergency. None of us wants our training, experience, and demeanor to be needed."

A Fireman’s Holiday

Join new Fire Life contributer Mark J. Cotter as he reminisces about his most recent vacation with his brothers, where he was called to duty once more.

Playing in the Band

"I woke up, and the TV was still on. Lynyrd Skynyrd was long gone, but like any great musicians, they stuck in my head, and my dreams showed me that no matter what we do, we are all part of the band," writes Michael Morse.

You Cannot Go Back…Or Can You?

"When I left the fire service after 25 years, I decided that I was done. I had no intention of being a pest and hang around the station, drinking coffee and telling war stories. I had to leave it behind and let the next generation take over," writes Michael Morse.

The Real World

"The good calls, the monotonous calls, violence, excitement, and heartbreak all meld into one big package that I put away as soon as I leave the station and return to the real world," writes Michael Morse.

Fighting Terror with Decency

"There is evil in this world, and it is on display far too often; yet, in spite of the terror, there exist courage, dedication, and perseverance, and I know that although terror will always exist, it will always be overcome by what we represent," writes Michael Morse.